IATTO offer three awards

1. The Ian Felps Award

The award is in recognition to outgoing IATTO Secretary Ian Felps (Cape Town, South Africa) for his years of dedicated service and advancing training education and development. This recognition will be awarded annually to honor world-class achievement in trade education and development.

All organisations, public and private, for profit (gain) and not-for profit (gain) are eligible to apply. Applications should be for specific programmes in support of trade education and/or trade development. Possible programmes would include innovative training courses, local certification programmes, trade missions, and conferences. The programme must be ongoing, have a history of demonstrated success, be replicable by other organisations, and have supported partnerships.
Award recipients (or their institutional designee) must register and be present at the Forum to receive the award.
For further details, and award application, please write to info@iatto.org

2. The IATTO Trade Educater of the year

It may be in recognition for research, writings, developing educational materials or courses, or managing trade programmes. The nominee must be an IATTO Accredited Trainer (which requires eight years of training experience), be nominated by an IATTO member, and be present at the Forum 2009 to receive the award.

3. The IATTO Lifetime Achievement Award

The IATTO Lifetime Achievement Award honours a lifetime of excellence and dedication to trade education and development.

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