Benefits of Membership - Individuals

Inclusion on the consolidated IATTO membership list (with a brief description of area of trade speciality) which is circulated to all members and will also be available on the IATTO website. As many Associate and Institutional Members of IATTO are constantly sourcing faculty from around the world, this brings to the attention of organisational members, the credentials of individuals who have knowledge and expertise in specialist trade areas.

Newsletter and other communications sent out at intervals to members containing information on trade training events around the world, such as the annual IATTO Forum, the latest developments within IATTO (including the new accreditation system and updates on the many activities/achievements of members), new developments in the trade training field, etc.

A discounted attendance fee at the annual Forum where much of the networking that leads to joint projects and new opportunities for all categories of member takes place. Information- and training material-sharing, the franchising and licensing of innovative national programmes, off-shore consulting work and faculty exchange frequently result from the personal relationships that are spawned at these events.

The IATTO Forum is attended not only by individuals involved in trade training and education but also by the representatives of trade promotion and facilitation organisations, and international trade bodies. In addition, the host organisation usually invites practising exporters to meet and interact with international delegates at sponsored evening functions; and visits to at least one successful exporting company usually forms part of the Forum programme.

The new IATTO accreditation system allows for the introduction of an accredited international trade trainer database to be posted on the IATTO website. Such a database will assist IATTO Institutional and Associate Members to meet the requirements for international accreditation. The accreditation system will be the subject of extensive discussion in the allocated IATTO Business portion of the Forum. The system is new and will continue to evolve over time.

Application for Membership

If you wish to apply for organisational membership, complete SECTIONS A and C only.
If you wish to apply for individual membership, complete SECTION B only and send it together with your updated CV.


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