Which categories of IATTO Member are eligible for IATTO Accredited Provider status?

The status of ‘IATTO Accredited Provider’ is awarded to both Institutional and Organisational Members of IATTO that meet stated criteria evidencing their operational effectiveness, and the quality of their international trade training and/or educational programmes.


What is required to become an IATTO Accredited Provider?

An organisation must:

(a) enjoy formal recognition as a provider of training and/or education by its national authorities, e.g. a relevant government department
(b) have conducted international trade training and/or education programmes for at least three years
(c) have sufficient capacity to undertake the academic and administrative work associated with its training and/or education commitments
(d) engage suitably qualified and experienced staff to conduct its training and/or education programmes
(e) have techniques in place that effectively assess students’ competence during or at the end of a particular programme
(f) have a viable operation with evident growth potential
(g) send at least one representative to the annual IATTO forum/Annual General Meeting (AGM). The purpose of the forum is to keep members informed of current trends in international trade and trade training, as well as what is happening within IATTO. It also provides a valuable opportunity for members to network with each other, and with international speakers and trade experts.

Documents that support the above must be provided - see APPENDIX 1 : Application for IATTO Accredited Provider Status.


Why become an IATTO Accredited Provider?

Accredited provider status:

• informs potential clients and business partners that an organisation has a quality management system in place for all its international trade training/education programmes. This should assist with the marketing of programmes.

• gives the organisation a competitive advantage over other organisations that are not accredited providers in the international trade field.

• assures prospective students/participants that the organisation offers programmes that will meet their need to be effective in the global market place.
• entitles an organisation to apply to IATTO for certification of its programmes, provided the programmes concerned meet the minimum standards prescribed by IATTO (see 3.1). Individuals who have successfully completed an IATTO-certified Level 3 programme, and met IATTO’s other requirements (see 4), will be eligible for the internationally recognised professional designation ‘WTP’ (World Trade Professional).

• encourages organisations to keep up to date with developments in the international trade field, as well as in the training and education environment in general.

• is the first step towards Institutional Members qualifying as an IATTO Agent.

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