Which category of IATTO Member is eligible for IATTO Accredited Trainer status?

The status of ‘IATTO Accredited Trainer’ is awarded to Individual Members of IATTO who meet stated criteria evidencing their sound business/academic credentials, and their experience and expertise in delivering international trade training/education programmes.

Individual Members interested in applying for Accredited Trainer status might be self-employed or providing a training* service for Institutional and/or Organisational Members of IATTO.

(*Training service in this context includes lecturing, face-to-face facilitation at workshops and tutorship delivered directly or via electronic or other ‘distance learning’ means. It implies interaction with students/participants at an academic or vocational level; not merely at an administrative level.)


What is required to become an IATTO Accredited Trainer?

An individual must:

(a) be an individual member of IATTO
 (b) be able to prove experience in the field of training/education
 (c) have been engaged in international trade training and/or education for at least eight years
 (d) have proven expertise in the area(s) in which he/she offers training/tuition

Documents that support the above must be provided – see APPENDIX 2 : Application for IATTO Accredited Trainer Status.


Why become an IATTO Accredited Trainer?

• It provides a competitive advantage over other international trade trainers that are not accredited by IATTO.

• It improves a trainer’s prospects of securing full-time or part-time positions in other countries (language differences permitting).

• it encourages individuals to keep up to date with developments in (1) their particular field of expertise and (2) in the training and education environment in general.

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